Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Preparing for your kid's Birthday Party

At most times, doesn't deciding about your kid's birthday party become such an overwhelming affair?

For our daughter's 3rd birthday party (she's growing up fast!), my wife and i butted our heads debating whether we should celebrate our daughter's birthday at one of these 'packaged' places - Chuck E Cheese's, or at a gym; versus our residence.

If it is at Chuck E Cheese then it becomes a hurried and somewhat detached affair, with people doing their own thing given its format. If its kept at home, then comes the part of specifically whom to invite. The guest list itself becomes a nightmare, apart from deciding about what the event should be like, games for the kids, the food, the goody bags etc. and the list goes on.

Sometimes I feel to hell with all of this, but then I think of my kid and what she wants done for her birthday and can never disappoint her (at age 3 they do become very expressive about their wants, dont they? :-) ).

As it usually happens in such debates, my wife won. So finally we have decided to have it at home. We hope the guest list is manageable enough in terms of the arrangements that need to be made. My wife right now is busy putting her mind towards picking some interesting games for the kids so they are occupied. But what about us poor adults?? Alcohol to keep us company? - maybe, maybe not!

But all kidding aside, it would be so stress free if there was some easy way to put together a fun event that both the kids and the adults enjoy, given that this is your kids' show.

I shall be updating here on what we eventually ended up doing for the party in terms of games, etc.

In the meanwhile I would love fellow readers to suggest a few games for kids and adults too. By the way, the theme we have chosen is Dora the explorer. So the cake is going to be white in color with Dora and Boots on it (see what I mean by specific wants right from this age?).

Ok, more later then.



Good to be back after such a long time. Lots of things were going on, and got lazy as well with the blogging bit. But back at it now.