Monday, May 5, 2008

At Long Last!

It has been busy the last few weeks making it a little difficult for us to update the blog. In terms of an outing, we did manage to take our daughter to the annual Lego show in Tarrytown NY that I wrote about 2 weeks ago in our blog.

Other than the few times my wife took our daughter for some play dates with her friends, to the park etc., combined with work and other commitments, the time went by very quickly. I am going to try my best to be as up-to-date as possible.

I also wanted to share that we finally hit upon a way to reduce my daughter's dependency on TV as a means to get her to eat her dinner or lunch. Instead of this forming habit which was on the verge of escalating, we decided to have our dinner/lunch together as a family on the dining table, daughter included. We hoist her up on her small cushion chair placed on top of the dining chair, and not on her high-chair, no straps, nothing so as to give her that freedom while sitting. She fits in nicely except that she slips down her chair from time to time :-).

Maybe its this practice of 'sitting together as a family' or sitting at the same level as her parents, that has brought out some positive results. Our daughter has not only started eating really well in terms of the food portions but is also experimenting a little bit on different foods. We involve her in our dinner conversations and she loves that.

Although she is still coming to terms with the different kinds of food we cook, and scrutinizes the food very closely before eating anything. I think observing what we eat on a regular basis is also making her familiar to the different foods, their color, look and feel, etc.

So far, so good!

- Sriram